13 Colonies Special Event

The 4th of July weekend brings family fun, camping, good food, fireworks and special events. As a newly licensed Extra I was going through the bands trying to find something interesting. Let me tell you I found it!

The Amateur radio special event is the Thirteen Original Colonies SE. They started the event in 2009 to commemorate the birth of our wonderful country. I have really enjoyed the SE and am really getting my feet wet. There is quite a competition to get all the stations so that leads to a big pile up. The operators are very patient, professional and courteous as well as most of the Hams that are trying to get through. For one station there was a QRM’er that was playing back a recording about some nonsense and then gave a .com address. It was very discouraging for the Operators and the Hams trying to get through. With patience and a QSY he (Charlie I believe) was able to resume the contacts.

I am currently trying to get my last two stations, K2C and K2D. I see K2C is on 40m CW and I am just now learning Morse code, so I will have to wait until a digital station or SSB comes up. This has been a blast of fun and I hope to get a clean sweep this weekend.

Thanks to all the coordinators and operators for this Special Event, and God Bless America!

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Clean sweep!!! All thirteen colonies, my last contact was Myrt (N1GKE) operating a Rhode Island station (K2C) from Hope, RI on 20m. He had a strong signal all morning, but it took me over two hours to get through. Between the pileup and a lot of QSB I am not surprised it took a while. I admire all the operators stamina and patience during this SE. Thanks to everyone for celebrating the birth of our fantastic country!


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