Field Ops at LLoyd Hall Park, FL

What a nice day to venture out and do some field operations. I decided to get out and enjoy the HOT summer day with some operating from a Park that is way off the beaten path. This probably is not a park that anybody will be visiting anytime soon.

I happened to be looking at some Florida parks on Google Maps and found this little Park, what I didn’t realize was how forgotten the Park really was. As I am sure you have guessed by now it is the LLoyd Hall Park. I have no idea what the real story behind it is.  My adventure started off by following Google Maps Nav on my Droid, it lead me straight to a road that had a gate on it. I doubled-back and it told me to go north on E. Callaway drive. I figured I have gone this far, might as well complete the journey. I trucked on  past East Callaway and onto a small dirt road, I thought to myself, “this should be fun, good thing I have a 4×4”.  So on I went, Google Nav did some rerouting and was putting me on the path to my destination. It was a seemingly long trip, I could only do 15-25 Mph because it was so rough. That is probably why I didn’t see any speed limit signs, they knew you didn’t need them. After dodging big potholes and small ponds I finally made it.  Nothing really indicated it was a park at all, there was just an old bread truck, an outhouse, a strange looking tinned roof building and a covered picnic table. Frankly it was kind of spooky.

As I was starting to setup, I heard a crack of thunder off in the distance. Then another, this time even closer. It was time to put everything back in the truck and see if it passes. After about 40 minutes the storm had passed and I could finish the setup. I was impressed with the band conditions and how well the dipole was doing. In the tradition of portable ops I decided to do all my contacts with QRP. The mode I chose was PSK31 on 20 meters. I was surprised how well the setup worked, I was able to get good DX: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. I landed a few US stations too, in NV and TX. It was a lot of fun, I look forward to operating in another far out place…





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