ARISSat-1 as heard from Panama City, Florida

ARISSat-1 was heard in Panama City, FL. Signal was strong but with deep fading due to the rotation of the satellite. I was able to get two rough copies of the SSTV transmission.If you visit AMSAT SSTV gallery you will find many more SSTV pictures submitted. The signal was recorded using a  J-Pole antenna and a Yaesu HT. I also have a portable Yagi and a 1/4 wave ground plane that I am going test. This might be a good time to make a circular polarized antenna such as the “eggbeater” or a helical. The fading just makes it more challenging to get a good copy, so experimentation is needed!

For those that want to try SSTV you can use the recordings below to try your own decoding. I tested the MP3 using MMSSTV and it was decoded almost like the original minus a few lines here and there due to the compression of the MP3 format. For those that use Linux, I tested MMSSTV using wine and it works great.


North America 08-04-2011 1221 UTC Pass

Audio recording

SSTV Image Capture


North America 08-04-2011 1400 UTC Pass

Audio Recording

SSTV Image Capture





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