Today was a good day for SSTV images. I was trying to capture a stored image of hurricane Irene from ARISSat-1, no such luck. I did however capture some very nice images. I was able to grab two of them during the afternoon pass today. With the new image I performed a little analysis and concluded that the camera lens or mirror assembly was definitely contaminated by something, presumably the battery electrolyte.

I did an overlay image and outlined the concentration of the blurred image and the red/blue hue outline on the magenta images. The images are reversed by a mirror assembly located on the Y axis of the cube according to a design review fact sheet.   This means, from what I can tell, is that the RED and MAGENTA images share a mirror assembly. When you flip and reverse the images it becomes clear that the mirror assembly share the same artifacts in the images. Below are the images along with the original captured images by my station.

The red lines are from the original blurred RED image. The black outlines represent the red/blue hue from the MAGENTA capture image from today. The basic outline match when you flip and reverse the images as a mirror would. Very interesting…



First Image received today, the best to date. I used a hand-held 4 element Yagi


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