TWiT Ham Nation 16 talks about ARISSat-1

The TWiT network has a new show that is dedicated to all things Ham Radio. The chief TWiT, Leo Laporte has earned his ticket and is now known to the Ham community as W6TWT. He has done a fantastic job promoting Ham radio as something cool and relevant for today.  I follow many of his tech podcasts and this one is among my favorites.

Bob Heil K9EID who is famous for his excellent microphones is the show organizer and primary host.  He also has a famous co-host which is Gordon West WB6NOA. He is known for his educational material that makes it a breeze to become a Ham.

Ham Nation #16’s main topic is ARISSat-1. Please take a look or listen to find out more about this little Sat that could from this week’s special guest Steve Bible, N7HPR. Enjoy!


TWiT Show Page



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