8 Cubesats Launched on Vega Rocket

Post Updated on 21 Feb 2012 @ 1703 UTC

Space welcomes eight new Amateur satellites, several offer beacons, 1200 baud FSK, BPSK, AFSK  as well as transponder operations. Of particular interest is the PW-Sat that will be configured as a transponder after the drag experiments are completed. It will be configured as a 435 Mhz FM to 145 Mhz DSB transponder. The is reminiscent of the AO-16 satellite.


From the Oscar  UK  and AMSAT UK Websites:

The first Vega, flight VV01, lifted off at 1000 UT from the ESA Spaceport at Kourou in the Caribbean carrying eight student built amateur radio satellites and the LARES Laser Relativity Satellite into orbit.


Downlink,CW frequency of MaSat-1 and UNICubeSAT were changed.
They are MaSat1: 437.345MHz, UNICubeSAT: 437.305MHz as follows.
The initial TLEs will be opened to public after launch.

Satellite     Uplink      Downlink    Beacon      Mode
----------    -------     --------    -------     -------------------
Xatcobeo         .        437.365     145.940     1200bps FFSK,SSR
e-st@r           .        437.445     437.445     1200bps AFSK
Goliat           .        437.485     437.485     1200bps AFSK
Robusta          .        437.325     437.325     1200bps FM
MaSat-1          .        437.345     437.345     625/1250bps GFSK,CW
PW-Sat1       435.020     145.900     145.900     1200bps BPSK,FM
UNICubeSAT       .        437.305     437.305     9600bps FSK
ALMASat-1        .        437.465    2407.850     1200bps FSK
----------    -------     --------   --------     -------------------

Launch Video


‘Onboard Rocket Cam – Satellite release occurs at the 4:20 mark’   – Has been removed ;  Sorry Video has been marked Private after I posted.

Substitute video: Narrated Launch with telemetry and graphics.


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