PW-Sat Heard over the USA!

With my homebuilt 4 element Yagi and my trusty Kenwood TR-9000 I was able to capture the  BPSK downlink beacon from the recently launched PW-Sat.  Using the updated TLE’s from Celestrak and gPredict satellite tracking software I was able to successfully record the PW-Sat transmissions. I was not able to decode the packets this time but hopefully later passes will be more successful. I plan on using the Warbler software, an AX.25 1200 bps decoder. This software was used to successfully  decode the AO-16 transmissions.

Note: An excellent resource for satellite info  – DK3WN SatBlog

Audio Recording:  PW-Sat_N4JTC_Audio_21-Feb-2012-2207_Pass

SpectraVUE Image


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