Cubesat Launches

A record number of cubesats are set to launch this month. On November 19th twenty-eight CubeSats are set to launch aboard a Minotaur I rocket from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Another group of cubesats are being launched November 21st from Dombarovsky, Russia.  This assortment of cubsats will offer transponders, beacons, telemetry and even a visual beacon (visible by binoculars and/or telescope). A little bit of everything for us to enjoy! Please see the links below to research each of the cubesats and launch information as there is just too much to duplicate here.

One of the most exciting satellites is the Funcube 1, which is has a software dashboard to decode telemetry and sat health data. The software and the latest news is available at their website.  You can use a SSB receiver or the ever popular Funcube and RTL DVR dongles to receive the transmissions and decode the telemetry.

Happy Sat-ting!

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