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Secret Word Certificate has arrived!

I received the ARISSat-1 certificate yesterday. I just want to say thanks to all that put in so much time and effort into this entire operation. Even though the batteries have failed prematurely, the designers put a lot of thought into keeping this bird alive as long as possible. So we should continue to enjoy it all the way up until re-entry. Kudos to the ARISSat-1 KEDRĀ  team! It has been a ton of fun!!

CQ WW VHF Contest – 6m Fun!

It was a good weekend for a VHF contest! Before this weekend I have never made a contact on 6 meters. A fellow ham and friend of mine Greg, N4KGL informed me that 6 meters was opening up. I was in the process of setting up a new “Hentenna” and wasn’t quite finished with it, so I switched to a 40 meter dipole and let the tuner try it’s best to tune it. It barely tuned but it was good enough to make contact with Belize, Costa Rica, Caicos Island and a Mexico station. I was hooked!

We finally had a break in the rain and I was able to complete the “Hentenna”, continued to make strong contacts in Mexico, CA, TX, IL. The “Hentenna” tuned up well and performed very well, it proved itself to be bidirectional because I had to turn it a few times to get the contacts to hear me.

I certainly didn’t come close to winning anything but it was enjoyable and a learning experience, well worth it!